My Top 3 Reasons For Joining the Blogosphere!

Why I Took the Dive

Reason Number 3: Before selfies and camera phones, I was the self-appointed picture taker. As far back as junior high school, I would borrow my mom’s camera to document life’s moments. In fact that’s why I selected the Spun theme. The home page emphasizes the pictures.
Reason Number 2. I love entertaining. Planning, preparing food, serving guest beautifully presented delicious food, and watching them enjoy it.
My Number 1 Reason: Following a plant based diet doesn’t have to be complex. You can continue to eat modified versions of the foods you love while being conscious, healthier, and with compassion.

Vegan Key Lime Pie

What You’ll Find on Vegan Sweetery

I’d like to share my vegan journey with you. Not just the vegan sweets and eats but how I’m learning and adapting to this lifestyle while living with my meat-reducing family. Of course there will be recipes and I will share the bloopers, blunders, and successes.  Please feel free to comment and share yours too!

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