Pasta with Garlic Infused Olive Oil

In July my family had to make an unexpected road trip to my home state of Mississippi. Because it was unanticipated, I didn’t have time to plan my vegan eats like I would normally do. Couple that with the emotions surrounding the trip, it was to say goodbye to my grandmother, I was really too overwhelmed to map out a meal plan.

Hunger + Emotions = > Potential For Meltdown 

After the service, the family gathered to eat and fellowship at Georgia Blue. I’d heard friends from home talk about the restaurant and knew the family would enjoy it but would they have anything I could eat? Just about the time I started to wonder if I’d be stuck eating lettuce I noticed….

Vegetarian Pasta our freshest local vegetables & linguine tossed in our own garlic infused olive oil”

Before I let myself get too excited, I explained to the waiter that I’m vegan and asked about the ingredients. Any cheese mixed in? Are the vegetables sautéed in butter? Are there any animal products? After several assurances, turns out they could prepare the pasta to my specifications. Talk about a relief because I was starving!  Vegetarian Pasta

How about it was delicious and I ATE IT ALL! Except that garlic bread shown. I gave it to another  family member. While eating the pasta I was already deconstructing the recipe so I could try my hand at making it at home. Of course when I make it myself I can verify everything is vegan! Y’all ever wonder when you eat out if you’re truly getting a meal free of animal products?

Back Home in Yoli’s Kitchen

A quick search on Pinterest yielded plenty of recipes for pasta with garlic infused olive oil. I settled on trying this one from The recipe is not vegan but very easy to veganize by leaving out the parmesan cheese. I added Beyond Chicken Grilled Strips to mine. Turned out to be a simple but delicious meal and it was even better for lunch the second day. I will definitely make it again and look forward to experimenting with different vegetables.

Sauteed Green VegetablesPasta and Green Vegetables

Pasta with Garlic Infused Olive Oil and Green Veggies

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