Dirty Rice for Dinner

A quick & simple vegan meal. Perfect for a busy weeknight.

Zatarains New Orleans
Photo taken by me August 6, 2015 in New Orleans

Vegan eats don’t have to be complex and you don’t have to give up familiar foods! My family has eaten Zatarain’s products for years and years. Although Zatarain’s has been a constant, our protein selections have evolved over time. Initially we added beef, then transitioned to ground turkey, and finally veggie crumbles were the protein of choice. And interestingly, veggie crumbles were a kitchen staple long before I went vegan.

Unfortunately, many convenience products that you might use to whip up a quick weeknight dinner include animal byproducts, egg, or milk. Imagine my surprise when I checked the label and saw no apparent animal products.  Next up, I checked my handy dandy Is It Vegan? app. A quick UPC code scan revealed Zatarain’s Dirty Rice is vegan!

So what’s for dinner tonight? We’re jazzing it up with Zatarain’s!

Is It Vegan Dirty Rice & Crumbles

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  1. Karuna says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this product.


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