Let Them Eat Vegan Cake

Birthday Season Is Over

We are a household of five and our birthdays fall between March and August. So a delicious birthday cake is expected almost once a month from spring through the unofficial end of summer.

March - Basketballer Cake
March – Basketballer Cake
March - Artist Cake
May – Artist Cake

After my conversion to veganism, I expected I would be the only one to want a vegan birthday cake. BOY I WAS WRONG! I must have forgotten I had them at dessert! Turns out everyone wanted a vegan birthday cake.

As a mother, I was happy they didn’t scoff at the idea and proud that they were open-minded enough to welcome a vegan cake. Then I was petrified! I mean, how was my vegan, homemade, mommy cake going to compete with the intricately airbrushed Marvel Comic three tiered cake at the specialty bakery?

Turns out I didn’t have to worry or compete. Everyone loved their birthday cakes, mommy flaws and all. All five cakes were delicious, crafted with the special birthday recipient in mind, and made with love. The extra icing on the cake, no animals were harmed in the process.

August – Its On Gamer Cake
June - Yoli's 40th Birthday Cake
June – Yoli’s 40th Birthday Cake
July – 44th Birthday Cake

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