Starting My Day Off Right

Happy Labor Day!

There is no telling what I’ll be eating later but I’m pretty sure it won’t be as healthy as my breakfast smoothie.

Smoothie Chopped FruitI generally have a smoothie Monday through Friday. It makes me feel good to know I’m starting my day the natural way with some fruit and vegetables. Plus, honestly I feel better on the days that I have my smoothie.

Smoothie IngredientsMy smoothies almost always include kale, banana, and pineapple. The additional ingredients alternate depending on what’s available when I visit the grocery store. Today I included cantaloupe. My liquid of choice is usually water but I will also use non-dairy milk on occasion. When I’m planning my meals for the day, if it seems I’ll be light on protein I will also include protein powder.

Today I will stick with water though because I know what’s going on the Labor Day menu for later!Blended Smoothie

My personalized AKA tumbler cup via Tiffany’s Creative Crafts

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  1. Cheyanne says:

    Yum! I have tried to get into smoothies for breakfast. I just can’t. Smoothies or oatmeal or anything like that. All I ever want is a toasted bagel with hummus! Too bad I’m gluten sensitive! Womp womp wooooooomp. 🙂


    1. First off a toasted bagel with hummus sounds delish so if that works for you @tangerinewallpaper stick with it! Maybe consider having a small smoothie as a snack or after a workout! Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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