Reminiscing on Strawberry Fields

I know. I know. Summer isn’t officially over but Labor Day passing and the leaves falling in my yard say otherwise. And right now I’ve got a craving for one of the most delicious summer treats. Strawberries.Stawberries

This overflowing bucket of strawberries was handpicked by yours truly.

I took the kiddos on a field trip of sorts to a local farm. I wanted them to see the acres of plants and experience labor of picking the fruit before enjoying the sweet results. Oh my it was a workout! Oh and yes that’s me. Excuse the wild hair. I was working hard but the reward was so worth it. Strawberry Plant

Bright Red.



Bursting with the taste of summer that I’m missing right now.

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  1. susurrus says:

    We don’t have a field I know of round here (I must check up on that) but you’ve made me wish I hadn’t resisted some I saw looking temptingly red and ripe yesterday!

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  2. I bet a quick search will yield fresh local fruit close to you @susurrus!


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